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You Must be KIDDing Me?




That is the face of a grown Kidd not getting what they want from mom and dad. As reported last night by Yahoo Sport’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Jason Kidd recently pushed for more power within the Brooklyn Nets management hierarchy. And was promptly rebuked. This begs the question, as revered as Jason Kidd is in the sport, does the man have a massive ego and character issue that gets him into trouble? This is not the first instance of his ego being bigger than his 6’4″ frame. There were the reports about him getting Byron Scott pushed out of New Jersey. Rumor being, that Kidd no longer was buying into what Scott was selling. Despite leading that team to two straight finals appearances. Unfortunately since that incident Scott has never reached the same kind of success he had with the Nets.

Then, in the summer of 2012 Kidd was arrested for DUI after crashing his car into a telephone pole, after a late night of partying in Water Mill, New York. Many people make this foolish mistake, but when you are as respected and well known a celebrity as Kidd is, or when you have the finances to take any form of car service; like he can; something like this should never happen. However this was not his first arrest. He was previously arrested for punching his then wife in the face back in 2001. When does a pattern form that makes the public question of Kidd has a questionable character, and is not this beloved individual he is helped up to be because of his career accolades?

Now we have this latest instance of Kidd, who was afforded a rare opportunity of coaching straight out of the finish of his playing career, trying to push his was into a position of having roster decision-making control, when he has no experience for the position or earned even pondering the possibility of it. Its one thing to ask for a small amount of say in player movement, which even as a second year coach may be asking a lot. But its another to expect to bypass the current general manager and get yourself into a “Phil Jackson type” of position. I commend the Nets leadership by being so insulted by this that they want to wash their hands of Kidd, a franchise legend, and gladly let him move on elsewhere. In the real world Kidd may be on the unemployment line after something like this, yet he actually may get what he wants, just with another franchise, the Milwaukee Bucks. But maybe that’s the fitting resolution to all of this. Even with the drafting of a Jabari Parker, and pairing him with a budding star in Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee is like NBA Siberia and seems to be a cursed franchise. Maybe Kidd needs to ply his trade and get the receipt for his bad karma with a franchise that specializes in bad karma.

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