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Deadpool Pegged for $130 Million Debut, Setting Presidents Weekend Box Office Record – Via Variety

WOW! That is extremely impressive. Just a couple of weeks ago estimates had it pulling in around $55 mil. This tells me a few things.
1. Reviews were REALLY good and I’m sure that helped (some people do read them lol).
2. Fox did a FANTASTIC job of marketing the hell out of it, and in a totally unique and left field way.
3. This lets the non-“true believers” of the world know how HUGELY popular Deadpool is, and will be going to be going forward. For us comic book followers we already knew he was on par with Spider-Man and Wolverine in terms of popularity. But now he is officially on the main-stream map. Awesome time to be a comic book fan. 
To see the full details click on the link to the actual Variety piece on it.