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Brock Lesnar’s MMA Career: Reviewing the Fights – Part II

In part I of this article, we went over the furious first four fights of Brock Lesnar’s MMA career. In the second half of this world wind tale, discussion turns to the final four fights (before he makes his main event return on Saturday) of Lesnar’s original UFC tenure. And how the baddest man on the planet was weakened by an enemy from within.

Going into his fifth professional fight Brock Lesnar was at the top of the heavyweight heap. He was viewed as one of the scariest fighters in the world because of his uncanny agility for a man of his size, and his hulking power. But before he could claim total supremacy of the division, he first had to settle some unfinished business.

Opponent Five: Frank Mir

Frank Mir was the man that welcomed Lesnar to the UFC. And also handed the behemoth champion his first loss. Making for the perfect back story to their rematch. Furthering the intrigue, was that both men were better fighters than when they first fought. Lesnar won two fights in a row, including unseating former UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture from his thrown. While Mir followed up his Lesnar win with a massive submission victory over heavyweight legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, in an interim title fight. In its simplest form, the fight was a 2009 MMA version of the unstoppable force versus the immovable object.

The fight strongly resembled the first. With Lesnar securing takedowns and controlling Mir. The main difference was Lesnar had grown in his all-around ground game and made sure to place himself in safe positions away from the danger of Mir’s BJJ skills. This intense rivalry showed in Lesnar’s punishing ground-and-pound that mangled Mir’s handsome face. Lesnar made a resounding statement, literally and figuratively, that he was now without a doubt the top heavyweight in the UFC.

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Brock Lesnar’s MMA Career: A Fight-by-Fight Review – Part I

Brock Lesnar’s MMA career is one of the more fascinating and unpredictable eight fight tenures in the sport you may ever see. In just eight fights he secured his status as one of the biggest draws the industry has had to date. In just eight fights he changed the opinions of fans and analysts on what a performer from the realm of pro-wrestling can do, when outcomes of fights weren’t predetermined. In just eight fights Lesnar showed that, while his amateur wrestling credentials gave him a base to build off of, his freakish athleticism propelled him to the top of his division faster than any pundit of MMA ever imagined.

On Saturday night Lesnar makes his return to the octagon against Mark Hunt, in his ninth fight. But first, let’s look at four of his previous eight fights, and the uncanny start this man had to his career.

Opponent One: Min Soo Kim

When looking at this fight, two industry terms from professional wrestling come to mind: “squash match” and “jobber.” A squash match is a bout where one of the performers is meant to look completely out-classed against his far superior opponent. Which perfectly segues into what a jobber is. A jobber is the aforementioned out-classed individual, who is out there to make his opponent look like a million bucks. This is not meant to demoralize Kim and his career. But with a record of 3-7 in his four years in the sport, he was a fighter that was often there to elevate his opponent.

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