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Featherweight Has Become the UFC’s Best Division

For as long as there have been professional combat sports, lighter weight-classes often don’t draw as much attention as the heavier ones. That isn’t from a lack of talent. While seeing two large men slug it out is fun, for purists, the lighter divisions are often the place to go for the most skillful action. Even in the Ultimate Fight Championship’s (UFC) short history, the lightweight division has consistently been a hub for fast paced and tactical combat. Now the 155 pound division hasn’t lost its place as shark tank. However, the much maligned UFC featherweight division is starting to make a play for consideration as the most dependable, and best, division in the company.

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Success With Fists Start at the Feet

“Footwork is one of the primary prerequisites to becoming a great player.” -Mike Krzyzewski

Mike Krzyzewski, the legendary Duke University basketball coach, has never trained a professional fighter. But his views on footwork holds true in most athletic endeavors known to man. Proper technique starts from the ground up. In prize fighting, if you don’t know how to use your feet, you will end up off of them. Especially in MMA.

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