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Rumored VP Picks for Hilary Clinton – Via AOL News

Hilary Clinton looks to be a near lock to win the Democratic party’s nomination for Novembers presidential election. Despite Bernie Sanders’ best (and quite valiant) efforts. Now is the time to ponder on possible running-mates for the former Secretary of State’s official campaign ticket. This great piece, from AOL News, goes in depth on the pros and cons of the rumored candidates for this coveted position.

But since this is a post on a political novices’ site, here are my amateur thoughts on the names possibly up for the spot.

Massachuesetts Senator Elizabeth Warren: It seems like a great pick because of her stance against Wall Street. But as sad as it is to say, in our current political climate, the possibility of certain voters having a problem with an all-female ticket seems likely. I would love it, but I would love to see the Dem’s win even more. And this may be more detrimental to the ticket, for some close-minded voters.

Bernie Sanders: I would be thrilled if this was the choice. He would totally bring in the voters disinterested with Clinton’s views and electrify the ticket. But the article makes a great point, candidates hope to pull more towards the middle with their VP choice, instead of further away. And Bernie will pull everything way left. But with the GOP divided, maybe that’s not a bad thing?

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley: Seems like the traditional pick for a VP–safe. He is non-controversial, while having a solid legislative resume. Not exciting but sensible.

Vice-President Joe Biden: This one is intriguing for sure. And adds some serious cache to the ticket. The only worry I have is, does this push away the Democrats that haven’t been thrilled with the Obama regime? It surely wouldn’t add Republican voters. It may not be a good idea to directly connect the ticket to the Obama presidency since it has been divisive in the party.

Former President Bill Clinton: Fascinating, but yea, no. It may not even be possible, legally, anyway.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián  Castro: He also isn’t an exciting option, but he does seem like the right fit. Youthful while having a connection to the inner-city and the plight of the middle class, because of his role in the current cabinet. Also having a choice that brings in the very important Latino vote sounds like a smart decision.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Make your voice heard in the comments below.