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I Don’t Care About God Mom!: Part 2

I Don’t Care About God Mom!: Part 1

Mother: We are ALL going to church this Sunday right?

The Father looks around searching for the words to say.

Father: Uh…well…the Cowboys have a really big game this weekend.

Son: You see?

Mother: Michael come on? You said the same thing last week. The Cowboys have a big game every week? Just DVR it or something.

Father: I hate doing that; I always end up getting the score spoiled before I finish watching it.

Plus it’s the last few weeks of the season. Every game is big when you are trying to fight for a playoff spot.

Mother: Well I’m trying to fight for the souls of me, you, and your children. I think that should take precedence over some football game. Don’t you?

Father: Jeez, not that soul saving stuff again. You act like the world’s coming to an end and we have to get a high score to reach the final level in the “get in to heaven” game.

Son: Right?

Mother: God forbid I care about the salvation of my family. Since you two don’t seem too. You two always do this. Team up to get out of these kinds things. Please, don’t let me hold up your weekends of watching football and playing video games to go out and actually do something for your betterment.

Me and Nadia will go. She is the only one that seems to actually try and enjoy church. I guess church is only good for us mothers and their four year-old daughters.

Father: I’ll for sure go next week. This weekend is Cowboys vs. Giants. It’s a rivalry game baby.

Mother: Don’t baby me!

She puts away the last of the groceries and walks out of the kitchen without giving either of them a glance.

Son: Why does she have to be so dramatic? It’s not a big deal. It’s just church. There are always those polls on the news that say, like, a bunch of people in this country don’t even believe in God anymore.

Father: I know. But it’s more than that for you mom. She used to go to church with her parents when she was a kid. She really loved it. It was something special for them together. That’s why she keeps pushing so hard for it. Now that her parents are gone I think she is just trying to find that again with us. Trust me, I know how you feel. I didn’t go to church much at all growing up.

Son: See now that’s my kind of upbringing.

They both giggle.

Father: Funny. This is going to be one of those things we all just have to get through for your mother.

Son: Ugh, I guess.

Father: Your mother does a lot for all of us. Part of being a family is supporting one another. Even if it means supporting them by doing stuff you are not even into.

Son: Fine.

Father: Hey, hopefully it’s something that just runs its course and there won’t be mandatory attendance needed from us every time.

Son: Or, she thinks we actually like it and expects us to go forever.

Father: Oh don’t worry about that. I’m sure we will be sufficiently miserable enough during the sermons where we won’t be fooling anyone as being two of the Holy Ghosts new twelve prophets or whatever.

Son: Yea. And I think you mean Jesus. And he had the twelve apostles.

Father: Ah, right. Always get that one confused. Anyway, let me go talk to her before she stews in her own annoyance and commences operation cold shoulder the rest of the day.

The son giggles as his father leaves the kitchen and walks across the hall into his and his wife’s bedroom.

Father: So, I just got a message from God. He said that church is good and I should go more often. And that my wife is amazing and I should tell her I love her more.

And you know what? The big guy might be on to something there. You aren’t too shabby, love of my life.

She looks up from folding clothes with a face that isn’t amused.

Mother: This isn’t some joke. You two are so alike it drives me crazy. You love to bond over things that get you out of stuff you don’t like.

And yes I am amazing.

Father: You are and I’m a big dumb zombie loving heathen. Heal me! Heal me!

He kneels down in front of her, grabs her hand and puts it on his head.

Father: Lord may your powers flow through Sofia and clear out the football devil from me!

She pulls away her hand.

Mother: Stop! This being silly thing isn’t going to fly this time. You aren’t that cute. You and Daniel’s disinterest in this hurts me. I get that kids his age think church can seem weird. But even if you don’t believe in what the Bible says it’s good to be around good moral people.

Religion can help to teach a person to live an honorable life. I used to enjoy the time with my parents when we went to Sunday mass. God I miss them.

Her eyes well up with tears. He goes to her and holds her close.

Father: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been more supportive of you on this.

Mother: I just remember how much closer it brought me and my parents. With them being gone now, it just makes me want all of us to be that close. Things have just been rocky for us lately. I feel like maybe this can help everything, including the marriage.

Father: I understand what you mean. Me and Daniel love you very much. Though we may not love Sunday’s at St. Francis, we will be there with you as a family. And I will support you as a husband. I love you so very much, I can just be selfish goof sometimes, and you don’t deserve that.

The daughter walks in.

Daughter: Hi mommy and daddy…what’s wrong with mommy?

The mother wipes the tears from her eyes.

Mother: Nothing baby, I was just thinking about your Abuelo and Abuela, and how I miss them.

Daughter: I miss Abuelo and…and I miss Abuela too.

Mother: Oh you had to think about if you miss Abuela too huh?

She smiles at her daughter.

Daughter: Abuelo use ta gimme coins. Abuela nev did dat. So I miss him more!

The Mother and Father both shake their heads and smile.

Father: Nadia, are you ready for church on Sunday?

Daughter: We are going to church on Sunday? Woo Hoo. I like church. I like dat dey sing and stuff. Da priest is nice. Is Daddy and Danny coming wit us too?

Mother: I don’t know honey, ask your daddy.

Daughter: Are you coming wit us to da church daddy?

Father: What do you think?! Of course! May the lord be with you baby. Give me a Jesus and the Holy Spirit high five!

She gives him a high five and laughs.

Daughter: Daddy is silly.

Mother: Yes he is baby, he’s lucky I love him.

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