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Grade the Trade: Knicks send Tyson Chandler back to Mavericks –


A Big Trade With Big D

Personally, as a ‘bocker fan, I love this deal. I fully understand the long lost romance the Mavericks have for Chandler. But the man they are getting back is not the same man they let go. His health and statistics have declined every year in his tenure with the Knicks. True he is a valuable guy in the locker room and on the court. But when you miss as many games as Chandler has, that sway didn’t seem to hold as much strength.

For the Knicks they upgrade a disaster of a situation at point guard, with a solid player right now, in Calderon, and a possible blue-chipper, in Larkin. And in two 2nd rounders, that could possibly be packaged in a trade for a 1st rounder or to find a big-man late to develop, its a win-win for the Knicks. I’d switch the grades and give the Knicks the B+ and the Mavs the B-.

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