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Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem inform Miami Heat they will test free agency, Bosh likely to join – ESPN New York

Dwyane Wade tells Miami Heat he will test free agency – ESPN New York.

This one is a game changer. And the possibilities are WIDE open for what happens next. These moves will send ramifications reverberating throughout the NBA. The obvious thought would be this has to be another diabolical plot by James/Wade/Bosh for further dominance and Miami discount deals. But if not, and they have decided to go their separate ways, the rumor mill will be out of control for the next few weeks. earlier reported Bosh’s old team, the Toronto Raptors, have interest in him returning. There’s been reports of him and Carmelo Anthony being a plan B for the Lakers if they can’t land a James/Anthony combo. Maybe Dallas, who have long had interest in Bosh. And what about Wade. I couldn’t picture him leaving Miami (hell i couldn’t ever picture him opting out of this possible, last, big pay-day), and he wont be getting equal value to what he was going to make this upcoming year. July 1st will begin, maybe, the most exciting off-season the league has ever had.


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  1. jason

    If you were Lebron would you take the same amount of cash again as Wade and Bosh knowing how much better you are then them? Yes, you want to win, but come on Lebron should not be making the same money as Bosh and Wade. I’m interested to see what Wade gets , he had 2 years at 40 million left, do you think he gets more than that?

    • Well there was a story a few days ago claiming he wants a max-deal from where ever he goes. i just really have a hard time believing that. Should lebron get more than wade? heeeell yea. Will he take less to continue winning titles? I honestly think he will. the fact that the 3 of them met and, boom, a few days later they and haslem opt out? i think its too coincidental. I’m actually scared they see what the spurs did and wade takes a ginobli deal for high single digit dollars and bosh takes a $10 mil, duncan style deal. And lebron takes the most but only about $15 mil. Which hopefully means they don’t get Anthony, but does mean they stack their roster with serious depth and they go on another 4 appearances in the finals and win more than 2 this time.
      P.S. Thanks for the comment on here. Keep it up!

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