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Jim Ross Says WWE Would Benefit from a Brand Split – Via

I personally would love the brand split to return. Especially now.

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Beast Incarnate! Brock Lesnars Top-10 Shows of Power

How he manhandles, with one arm mind you, lil nature boy is mind-boggling lol.

Ariel Helwani Interviews New UFC Signee C.M. Punk, Post UFC 181 Announcement


I love that he’s realistic about it all, but taking it very seriously and is fully dedicated. “How many people in the world get the chance to pursue one dream, let alone two?”. “The only thing that’s bigger than my mouth is my heart.” Well said sir.

Video: CM Punk out to ‘prove everyone wrong’, says ‘Couture didn’t start MMA until he was my age’ – Bloody Elbow.

Shawn Michaels’ Classic Response to DX/NWO Comparisons

Via the Monday Night Wars Program only on the WWE Network. And it can be seen for the very affordable price of $9.99 (per month with a 6-month subscription)

Worthwhile Listen: Chris Jericho Gets a Rare Interview With Triple H

This is a fun and entertaining listen. For years it was believed these two didn’t have much love for one another. However it is the furthest thing from the truth. Outstanding backstage stories and a look at the beginnings of the relationship that would lead to Vince McMahon turning Triple H into his heir apparent.

Part 1:

Part 2:

WWE’s Best of Sting Trailer is Here!

The legend finally gets his digital due, WWE style. WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (And no that’s not the Flair WOO)

Bryan, Cesaro and Rollins on WWE’s signing of Kenta


Triple H, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Seth Rollins on WWE’s signing of Kenta |

Three opinions I highly respect, and they seem to absolutely love this signing. I’m getting pretty pumped for his debut, and for sure will check out NXT when that happens.

Sting Battles the NWO! –

Ah the good ole days of wrasslin’


Japanese Superstar KENTA to WWE

Reports from multiple pro-wrestling outlets are confirming that…KENTA is Coming! To breakdown this noteworthy signing from the land of the rising sun, by WWE, is guest contributor, the one and only, Stickman of Stickman’s Movie Blog.

KENTA marks the second time in recent years WWE will be signing a foreign talent to large fanfare, after Mistico/Sin Cara. It’s safe to say, that first experiment was a resounding failure. However, by most accounts, Cara was his own worst enemy with his poor locker room etiquette (read: ego) and inability to adapt to WWE’s style. I believe things should go better with KENTA. His style is better suited to WWE (think Benoit or Bryan) than Sin Cara’s  spot-fest style. A couple of things need to be avoided though:

  1. WWE has been notoriously bad at booking foreign talent. Just because he’s Japanese does not mean he needs to be depicted as a foreign heel or Japanese stereotype.
  2. Give him a chance to show what he’s got. For all his faults, the main reason Sin Cara didn’t work was because they tried to turn him into something he wasn’t. Don’t make that same mistake.
  3. Give the fans some credit. They can dress it up as sports entertainment all they want, but at the end of the day we’re wrestling fans. Play up Kenta’s past history. Don’t shove it in a drawer just because he wasn’t bred in the WWE machine.


Top 3 Stickman Preferred Match-ups for KENTA:

  1. Daniel Bryan
  2. Dolph Ziggler
  3. Sheamus

I for one am excited to see Kenta get a shot. I think there is a huge need for some variety in the WWE product, and tapping some foreign talent could be a way to fill that need. I just hope this experiment is a success. Because ,honestly, another Cara type failure could put WWE off of this route for a while…and that would be a shame.

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Ugh. No matter how many times the WWE force feeds us another Cena title reign, it never goes down smooth. One has to hope that this is where they rectify the folly of having Lesnar make his return only to lose to Cena. This seems like a good time for a return on that 1st favor. Could the WWE actually be that dumb to not have Lesnar win here? When it comes to Super-Cena any infuriating possibility is possible.