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Batman: The TellTale Series – Gameplay Trailer

The trailer is finally here. Telltale Games, in a partnership with Warner Bros./DC Comics, have finally unveiled the first gameplay trailer for their brand new Batman-themed episodic series. And it looks as splendid as the companies other products.

Telltale has made quite a name for themselves by taking name brand IP’s (intellectual properties) and throwing them into their choice-based gameplay engines. With hit shows like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones already having gotten the Telltale treatment, Batman is sure to be taken into new and fun directions with this new series. I can’t wait!!!

Batman: The Telltale Series will be available for download on both Playstation 4 and XBox systems on August 2.

Cheap Seats and The Stickman Podcast: June 20th, 2016

Latest edition of Cheap Seats and The Stickman podcast! On this episode we cover the E3 expo (for you gamers), the soon coming WWE cruiser tourney and some Hollywood news and notes (WOW box office numbers). Hope we have something for everyone and you enjoy!

Trailer for Spider-Man on the PS4 is Here!

An early look at the Playstation 4 exclusive “Spider-Man.”

Full Ratings Revealed for ‘EA Sports UFC 2’

easports.comThe complete list of fighter ratings for the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2 have been released. Since Jon Jones is universally considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport, it is no surprise that he has the highest overall rating at 95. Following close behind is his hated rival, and current light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier at a rating of 94.

However, “Bones” is not the only man with that hefty 95 rating. Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson shares the top spot, and deservedly so.

Several fighters share that second highest rating with Daniel Cormier. They are Conor McGregor (at featherweight), Rafael Dos Anjos and retired welterweight superstar Georges St. Pierre.

Other ratings of note are Anderson Silva’s fall to 90. After being the highest rated fighter at middleweight since the series’ inception. New addition, and Japanese MMA legend, Kazushi Sakaraba’s highest rating is 89. Since he is featured in three weight classes because, well, he’s awesome. Not to be outdone, “Iron” Mike Tyson has also entered the fray this year with an older and younger version of the pugilist. Unfortunately, his ratings are not listed just yet.

For the full list of fighters and their ratings, for the March 15th release, head over to

EA SPORTS UFC 2 – Gameplay Trailer

Yes, Sakuraba is in it as a mystery character! WAR SAKU!!!

The Order: 1886 – Silent Night Trailer


One of the mostly hotly anticipated games of 2015! Can’t wait to play this one!

Gamer Review: Valiant Hearts (PS4) – The Best Game Ever Made for its Price


Its not everyday that you play a game, in all your years of playing them, that is one of the more enjoyable experiences you’ve had with the medium. Now, that’s not to say that Valiant Hearts is one of the very best games I’ve ever played in my life. It may not even be top-10. However, when you factor in it being a Playstation Network exclusive for only $14.99, the game has a bang-for-your-buck value few games can own.

This mini-review wont be coming from the point-of-view of an avid, veteran, gamer who can break down game mechanics or frame rates. I come to you from the perspective of a guy who plays his video games when he has the time. In those rare moments when the needs of work and/or school, and family and/or romantic relationships cease temporarily, and allow you the chance to partake in digital hijinks. A point-of-view many readers of this review may find familiar. Well, Valiant Hearts does a splendid job of filling the role of hijinks enabler.


The game is much more visually appealing then one would assume. It feels like a living comic book with its 2-D style and the limited mobility of its characters. Its not a game with flashy graphics, open-world game-play and big guns to take out loads of baddies. Some might see this lacking as a detriment, but all these things not being there work for the game. Because the essence of the game is a less is more, character driven, story. Now it may not have the graphical brilliance of its $59.99 counterparts, but that isn’t a bad thing. Considering the illustrations are quite beautiful and wholly unique. The look of the game draws your attention with all its battlefield details, despite its cartoon-ish atmosphere. It takes you on a journey with its colorful characters (Emile, Karl, Freddie, Anna and Walt the dog) that is altogether fun, fierce, scary and touching, as they strive to survive the horrors of war while doing good by their fellow man.


Further adding to the intrigue of the story, is its uncommon take on war (the game takes place during World War I). In most war-based games you’re likely to be a tank commander or jet-fighter pilot trying to stop the Nazi invading hordes. However, there was not one instance of any of the characters using a rifle or hand-gun during the action (though you do use some rather large cannons on the rare occasion). The play is more puzzle based. Figuring out how solving one problem (usually helping hurt or trapped villagers) helps to deal with a larger issue at the time. It is all done in a very amusing yet complex way. I’ve always enjoyed having to use my brain in a game, other than seeing how I can kill a bunch of henchmen in a room with my various weapons.

Valiant Hearts is a delightful game with charming characters, a moving story and imaginative game play. It is a game that can connect with all ages, with its generational-spanning approach. I recommend it to any level of gamer who is enjoys history and entertaining tales of heroism. Plus…the game is $15! What really do you have to lose? Believe this writer, i’m not one to use my green-backs in a wasteful fashion, this game is about the price of your average movie theater ticket, and has much longer lasting value.

Dying Light Gamescom Trailer

Dying Light Gamescom Trailer Showcases 4-Player Co-Op – IGN Video.

This game looks bad ass! Sign me up!

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Trailer

This game looks beautiful. This is going straight to the gamefly q, IMMEDIATELY!

Release Dates Set for Sinister Six, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Uncharted

Comic-Con: Release Dates Set for Sinister Six, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Uncharted! – SuperHeroHype.

Wow! Sinister Six before Spider-Man 3? And Spider-Man 3 wont happen till 2018?!?! Hmm, something seems odd about that set-up.A four year wait for a sequel is rare in this day and age. Will that be a good thing for the series or bad? We shall see.