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SNL – Democratic Debate Featuring Larry David as Bernie Sanders

Awesome stuff. Larry David was the perfect pick to play Bernie and he was spot on!

Jim Ross Says WWE Would Benefit from a Brand Split – Via

I personally would love the brand split to return. Especially now.

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Avengers: Phase Four and Beyond Brain-Storming


Avengers: Infinity War, Part I and II, have us excited for 2018 and 2019. It will be a spectacular finale to the three phase arc the cinematic house of ideas laid out years ago. But, we know that the Avengers will continue on long after that. With Marvel Studios’ head, Kevin Feige, admitting that there is a mapped out plan for movies well into 2028. So with that in mind, and for funs sake, my question is what would be the worthwhile tales that keep bringing the Avengers back together for films going into the next decade? And more specifically what would be a good follow up to the mammoth two parter that is Infinity War?

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The All-New Muppets TV Show Trailer!

Am I crazy for feeling this is going to be appointment television?

House of Cards: Season 3 Review (Non-Spoiler) – A House Divided


For the truly special series’ on television, season three is usually where a show really starts to hit its stride. Season one is where we get to learn the nuances of the main characters and what makes them tick. While season two often is filled with fresh directions and is the year a show proves it has lasting appeal. If a program is lucky enough to make it to a third season, that is when we often get to see talented actors and writers really spread their wings and fly. House of Cards, in its third season, epitomizes this logic.

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The Jack and Triumph Show – Trailer

This is going to be appointment tv! lol

Marvel’s Daredevil – The Trailer is Here!


Marvel’s Daredevil has Found Their Stick

Love it! Def a fan of his work, and he seems like the perfect type of actor to play a tough love martial-arts mentor to the eventual man without fear. This is turning into a fantastic cast.

Scott Glenn Joins Marvel’s Daredevil For Netflix | News |


The Walking Dead Season 5 Never Let Your Guard Down Trailer

Daily Show Skit – Science: What’s It Up To?

Science! You dastardly fiend!