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Timeline: The NFL and its Popularity Seem Impervious to Scandal

This is a timeline I put together involving the scandals that have rocked the NFL in the passed 20-years. Yet, despite all the bad press the NFL has received in that time; especially in 2014; the popularity of the league hasn’t ceded, its exploded. The question has to be asked, is there a moral quandary amongst the players and officials within the NFL? Thoughts?

Report: Texans are getting frustrated with Clowney (ProFootballTalk)


I mean is anyone really shocked about this? Florio’s report makes good points about us not knowing all the details about this illness. Though, as they say, when there smokes, there fire. And the fire of questions on Clowney’s work ethic has been burning for a few years now. The only people the Texans organization can be mad at about this is themselves. They were well aware of what they were getting involved in with this guy and they still made him the top pick in the draft.

Report: Texans are getting frustrated with Clowney | ProFootballTalk.

Ray Rice Terminated by the Baltimore Ravens

Update: Ray Rice has also been suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Meaning even though he is technically a free agent, he will not be allowed to sign with another team until his suspension is lifted by the league.

Via sources, WFAN radio station, in New York, is reporting suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has had his contract terminated by the team. This is following the release of the security footage of Rice brutally assaulting his wife in a hotel elevator this passed February. Along with a building groundswell of negative response towards the lenient suspension handed down to the player, this looks to be a move the team had to make to avoid further damage to the team and leagues reputation.

The now infamous footage of the altercation can be seen below: