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Becky Hammon Hired by San Antonio Spurs to be a Full-Time Assistant Coach

Becky Hammon hired by San Antonio Spurs – ESPN.

Wow! This a great story that i’m sure won’t get the media coverage it should. A woman in a position of authority in an all male sport is a real glass-ceiling shattering moment. Furthermore, Greg Popovich, arguably the best coach in sports during the last decade, being the first coach to make this move puts a massive seal of a approval on this that few others can. Big moment for female athletes, the NBA and for sports. Bravo Spurs!

Nine for IX Shorts – Brittney Griner: Lifesize

Fascinating watch of what a pro-athlete, trying to make a living, has to go through when playing abroad.

Charlotte Hornets to sign Lance Stephenson – Via ProBasketballTalk

Report: Charlotte Hornets to sign Lance Stephenson to three-year contract | ProBasketballTalk.

This is an interesting move by Charlotte, a franchise more known for making head-scratching moves. Now I am no advocate of Lance Stephenson. Even as a fellow NY’er his play can be erratic and he reminds me of a wild horse that Frank Vogel and Larry Bird needed to wrangle often, because he got loose from the herd. But there is no doubt, the kid has talent.
So forming a young nucleus of the all New York back court of him and Kemba Walker, along with Al Jefferson (assuming he can return healthy) fascinates me. And the deal being in the range of $9 million per year is a solid number to get for a young player with upside who has playoff experience.
Without a Bird around, Stephenson could revert and be a problem in the locker room. However if he continues to mature, Charlotte may take another step forward after their surprising playoff birth last season.

Melodrama 2 Has Ended, Carmelo Stays in New York – Via ESPN


As a Knick fan I’m relieved. Because in the NBA you need top 10 players to win titles. However, lets be real with ourselves, if all things were even, Anthony would not be back in the blue and orange next year. That may bother me as a fan but I couldn’t blame him either if he did leave. At least now my number 7 jersey isn’t going into the “out-dated wear” dresser drawer.

Carmelo Anthony reaches deal with New York Knicks – ESPN New York.

LeBron: I’m coming back to Cleveland |

WOW!!! Still shocking even though its official!

LeBron: I’m coming back to Cleveland |

Carmelo Anthony will return to Knicks, announcement on future expected Thursday  – NY Daily News

Carmelo Anthony will return to Knicks, announcement on future expected Thursday  – NY Daily News.

Isola is a pretty reliable source, since he is a prominent beat-writer for the team. My cynical inner-fan won’t believe until its official. However, hopefully somewhere the picture below, is the face Phil Jackson is making somewhere in an executive suite.



You Must be KIDDing Me?




That is the face of a grown Kidd not getting what they want from mom and dad. As reported last night by Yahoo Sport’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Jason Kidd recently pushed for more power within the Brooklyn Nets management hierarchy. And was promptly rebuked. This begs the question, as revered as Jason Kidd is in the sport, does the man have a massive ego and character issue that gets him into trouble? This is not the first instance of his ego being bigger than his 6’4″ frame. There were the reports about him getting Byron Scott pushed out of New Jersey. Rumor being, that Kidd no longer was buying into what Scott was selling. Despite leading that team to two straight finals appearances. Unfortunately since that incident Scott has never reached the same kind of success he had with the Nets.

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Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem inform Miami Heat they will test free agency, Bosh likely to join – ESPN New York

Dwyane Wade tells Miami Heat he will test free agency – ESPN New York.

This one is a game changer. And the possibilities are WIDE open for what happens next. These moves will send ramifications reverberating throughout the NBA. The obvious thought would be this has to be another diabolical plot by James/Wade/Bosh for further dominance and Miami discount deals. But if not, and they have decided to go their separate ways, the rumor mill will be out of control for the next few weeks. earlier reported Bosh’s old team, the Toronto Raptors, have interest in him returning. There’s been reports of him and Carmelo Anthony being a plan B for the Lakers if they can’t land a James/Anthony combo. Maybe Dallas, who have long had interest in Bosh. And what about Wade. I couldn’t picture him leaving Miami (hell i couldn’t ever picture him opting out of this possible, last, big pay-day), and he wont be getting equal value to what he was going to make this upcoming year. July 1st will begin, maybe, the most exciting off-season the league has ever had.


New York Knicks like Carmelo Anthony chances, eye Pau Gasol – ESPN New York

New York Knicks like Carmelo Anthony chances, eye Pau Gasol – ESPN New York.

Confidence is always key in any pursuit in life, but if I were the Knicks coming off of a non-playoff year, I wouldn’t be overly confident in Anthony returning. He hasn’t even talked to teams yet (which he will) and hasn’t heard any long-term pitches (which he will assuredly be intrigued by some). I would be cautious and hopeful if I were them at this point.

As for Gasol, I like him. But that doesn’t mean hes the right piece for the Knicks, at least not long-term. But if they were to add him along with Anthony I wouldn’t necessarily hate it. He did average 17 ppg., nearly 10 rebounds and over 3 assists per-game last season. Even at the 33 the man still has a lot to offer. And in the triangle his passing will be a major asset compared to Chandlers lack of ball moving skills. But in his age, lies the rub. He hasn’t played over 80 games since 2010-11 and hasn’t played back-to-back years of more than 70 since the 2002-03 and 2003-04 years. Do you want to add that to a roster with Amare Stoudemire who is sure to miss games as well? On paper it looks great, but its a very dicey play.

Grade the Trade: Knicks send Tyson Chandler back to Mavericks –


A Big Trade With Big D

Personally, as a ‘bocker fan, I love this deal. I fully understand the long lost romance the Mavericks have for Chandler. But the man they are getting back is not the same man they let go. His health and statistics have declined every year in his tenure with the Knicks. True he is a valuable guy in the locker room and on the court. But when you miss as many games as Chandler has, that sway didn’t seem to hold as much strength.

For the Knicks they upgrade a disaster of a situation at point guard, with a solid player right now, in Calderon, and a possible blue-chipper, in Larkin. And in two 2nd rounders, that could possibly be packaged in a trade for a 1st rounder or to find a big-man late to develop, its a win-win for the Knicks. I’d switch the grades and give the Knicks the B+ and the Mavs the B-.