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How Kimbo Slice Turned me into an MMA Fan

As an aspiring journalist, I am taught to be unbiased and see things from all sides. To learn the finer details of a subject, so that I can truly be informed. And that thought process also holds true in my personal passions, like professional wrestling, comic books and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

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Is it More Impressive to be Great in One Division or Good in Multiple?

Multi-division success is a difficult achievement in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It can turn a very good fighter in to a legend. Naming the fighters that have had legitimate success in more than one division isn’t a trivia question that will cause any brain cramps.

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Benson Henderson’s Bellator Debut is a Big Moment in the Sport

Bellator 153 is sure to be overshadowed by the hoopla leading up to UFC 197, and the return of the companies crown jewel—Jon Jones. That’s what happens when a pound-for-pound great makes a long awaited return. But on Friday night, Benson Henderson’s Bellator debut could actually be considered the biggest moment this weekend, this year, and one of the biggest moments in the sports history.

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New York Fight Exchange: A Rise to Prominence

Promoting amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) successfully takes a special breed of individual. Especially in the state of New York, where it was outlawed for 19 years until its recent sanctioning on March 22. It requires equal parts infatuation for the martial arts, dedication, drive and a healthy enjoyment of a good scrap. New York Fight Exchange (NYFE) owners Tom Sconzo and Mike Washington have turned their passion project into a premiere destination for MMA in New York City. Their drive to succeed, in the sport they love, looks to have no clear end in sight.

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Freebie Fight Watch – UFC 182: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier

A frustrating night as a Daniel Cormier fan. But still a fascinating view with the rematch coming up at the end of April.

MMA is Legal in New York and NY Fans Can Rejoice

March 22, 2016 will be remembered as a watershed moment in MMA history. But for New York based mixed martial artists , trainers and fans, it will be looked at as a day where the chains of legality were removed on a 19-year ban on the sport. Because on six different occasions, the bill to legalize MMA passed in the State Senate. Yet every time it reached the State Assembly floor, it was always snuffed out quickly and quietly. It left New York, a state that often lead the way in forward thinking politics, as the lone state in the nation to not have legalized MMA. The process toward government approval was often complicated and frustrating.

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Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz Have A Pleasant Chat on ‘FSLive’

As you would expect, that headline is dripping in sarcasm. Yesterday, the main event participants of tomorrow night’s UFC 196 were paired up for an interview on Fox Sports’ “FS Live” show. And nonsensical hilarity ensued.

Outlandish statements like McGregor claiming he will choke out the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt or Diaz claiming his opponent grew up rich, are some of the more funny moments of the interview. The entire segment boiled down to the two hosts throwing out questions to the two fighters and watching them bicker over the answers.

Suffice to say it is a fun watch and even more entertaining build-up to what should be a wild fight.

Full Ratings Revealed for ‘EA Sports UFC 2’

easports.comThe complete list of fighter ratings for the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2 have been released. Since Jon Jones is universally considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport, it is no surprise that he has the highest overall rating at 95. Following close behind is his hated rival, and current light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier at a rating of 94.

However, “Bones” is not the only man with that hefty 95 rating. Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson shares the top spot, and deservedly so.

Several fighters share that second highest rating with Daniel Cormier. They are Conor McGregor (at featherweight), Rafael Dos Anjos and retired welterweight superstar Georges St. Pierre.

Other ratings of note are Anderson Silva’s fall to 90. After being the highest rated fighter at middleweight since the series’ inception. New addition, and Japanese MMA legend, Kazushi Sakaraba’s highest rating is 89. Since he is featured in three weight classes because, well, he’s awesome. Not to be outdone, “Iron” Mike Tyson has also entered the fray this year with an older and younger version of the pugilist. Unfortunately, his ratings are not listed just yet.

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Randy Couture and How MMA Records, Thankfully, Don’t Define a Career

If you read the previous installment to this series (B.J. Penn and How MMA Records, Thankfully, Don’t Define a Career) you may have an idea where this is going. If not, get comfy in whatever seat you may be resting in, and grab a cold one, while we explore why the legend that is Randy Couture is greater than the sum of his unspectacular record.

In the last few years many sports pundits have written articles and recorded podcasts on what would be a given sports “Mount Rushmore of Top Athletes.” Mixed Martial-Arts (MMA) is no exception to these in-depth, and fun, discussions. And in many cases, Randy “The Natural” Couture has been included in numerous lists for this fictional honor.

The Lynnwood, Washington native’s 19-11 record is not what would be considered overly impressive,at first glance. This is not to say it isn’t a good record. To have a career record of 19-11, when all but six of those fights took place in Ultimate Fighting Championship, is evidence of a successful run in the sport. It is all the more impressive that he even had 30 pro-fights when you consider he didn’t start his career until the age of 34. But what makes this 19-11 record go from being good, to being great, is all in the details.

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Success With Fists Start at the Feet

“Footwork is one of the primary prerequisites to becoming a great player.” -Mike Krzyzewski

Mike Krzyzewski, the legendary Duke University basketball coach, has never trained a professional fighter. But his views on footwork holds true in most athletic endeavors known to man. Proper technique starts from the ground up. In prize fighting, if you don’t know how to use your feet, you will end up off of them. Especially in MMA.

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