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New York Mets: Post-World Series Recovery Ward

Wow…Unreal. Heartbreaking. Nausea-inducing. Migraine-creating. Soul-diminishing. It is just a few of the on the fly adjectives one could come up to surmise the 2015 World Series as a New York Mets fan.

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The Top 150 Free Agents (Via Yahoo Sports)


Talk about a less than stellar pool of talent. After Scherzer there doesn’t seem to be a lot of guaranteed game-changer talent. As a Mets fan (which means they will be shopping at the discount rack) Cuddyer, Rios, Lowrie and maybe Aoki would all be helpful adds for reasonable prices.

The Top 150 Free Agents – Yahoo Sports.

Derek Jeter Isn’t the Best Ever, and Keith Olbermann is On It

A-Frikkin-Men…Olberman couldn’t have nailed it any better. As a New Yorker (though not a Yankee fan) I have a ton of begrudging respect for Jeter. However this money grab the organization is exploiting is a joke and just plain silly. The man is retiring people, not dieing. And hes far from one of the best ever, just shows you what a popularity contest sports has become now.

Red Sox Trade Lester to A’s for Cespedes in Surprise Deal


Multiple media sources are reporting that the Boston Red Sox have traded starting pitcher Jon Lester to (not the Dodgers, not the Cardinals and not the Pirates but…) the Oakland Athletics, in a deal that counters the rumored landing spots for Lester in the last few days. Along with Lester, Oakland is expected to receive Jonny Gomes.
The bigger surprise may be that outgoing to Boston in the deal will be the A’s star outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. One can only surmise, in their attempts to go for a title this year; along with long-term plans exhibiting they may not be able to re-sign Cespedes when he soon becomes a free agent; that the A’s felt it was a move that worked in accordance with plans now and in the future. Lester will now be added to a rotation including the recently acquired Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, giving the A’s a further leg-up in being the favorites to reach the World Series out of the American League.